Jordan Trick

Masters Of The Game: Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of those few sportsmen that arise during each successful generation to have a wide ranging impact upon the game they love. Jordan entered the NBA in 1984 after leading his college to the NCAA championship just a few years before. He quickly began to have an impact upon his team and the success of the NBA in general. At the time he entered the league, the popularity of the NBA was on a huge upswing and the attraction of the league was beginning to reach a global marketplace. A few years before Jordan entered the league, both Magic Johnson and Larry Bird began their professional play. These three players helped the NBA to attain a global reach.

Jordan was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, NY. While a toddler, he parents moved to Wilmington, NC. He attended the Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington. While in high school, Jordan played baseball, football and basketball. As a sophomore, he tried out for the varsity basketball team but was told by the coach that he was too short at only 5'11 '' tall. Denied membership on the varsity team, Jordan was determined to make his mark and become the star player of the junior varsity team where he accumulated many 40 point plus games. The following year he grew another four inches which combined with his intense work ethic, finally earned him a spot on the varsity team. During his two years of high school play, he had a scoring average of 20 points per game which helped him to earn a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Jordan's impressive college play allowed him to leave school a year early to enter the NBA draft where the Chicago Bulls took him as the third overall pick. While a member of the Bulls, Jordan lead the team to three successful championships. Having conquered the basketball court, Jordan soon retired to try his hand on the baseball diamond. Once getting baseball out of his system, Jordan returned to the Bulls where he led them to another three league championships.

Early in his career, Jordan obtained an endorsement contract with Nike and the "Air Jordan" was born. This highly popular basketball shoe has been revised annually for the past twenty-five years, earning Joran millions of endorsements dollars and adding in millions to Nike's profit numbers.

Michael Jordan clearly demonstrates that dedicating yourself to success an working hard to achieve that success can payoff handsomely. He dominated the basketball court and went on to become a highly successful businessman. Hard work and determination will result in success.