Jordan Trick

Life’s Obstacles: Problems, Or Challenges?

You can think you can, or can’t. Either way, you’ll be correct. What, precisely, does this statement, credited to Henry Ford, mean and represent, and how, can, each of us, learn from it, in order to enjoy, a happier, healthier life? Nearly everyone has, been told, at some time, or another, When life offers you lemons, make lemonades! Nearly every day, we have certain obstacles, thrust in our paths, and, for most, how we respond, and/ or, react, makes a huge difference, in our potential for health, happiness, and success. Will you, consider any obstacle, to be, a problem, or, a challenge, to overcome. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the difference between proceeding with a genuine, positive, can – do, attitude, or, a negative one.

1. Negative, problem – focused, people: How do you think, you feel, when you, constantly, perceive, every obstacle, and/ or, less – than = desired, set of circumstances, as problems. When we consider things, problematic, our mood, attitude, and overall health, and well – being, often, suffer! Rather than proceeding, forward, and focusing on viable solutions, to address, obstacles, we waste time, money, and energy, focusing, on the worst – case scenario! We clutter our minds, with unnecessary fears, which creates anxieties, and stresses, rather than hope, health, and a feeling of well – being!

2. Positive, can – do, attitude: Some feel, the main difference between, articulating a focus on problems, rather than, merely, challenges, is little more than semantics! Whatever the mind of man, can perceive and conceive of, man can achieve. If you don’t believe you can, you won’t. Consider, the mindset of our greatest athletes. Why did Michael Jordan, always want the ball, for the final shot? Do you believe, he envisioned, missing, or was his focus on visualizing that ball, go through the nets? Consider, how, you feel, and act, when you focus on a problem, versus, a challenge. While problematic thinkers, see a sand trap, those visualizing a challenge, only think about getting the golf ball, in the hole! When we give ourselves, more stress, tension, and unnecessary angst, etc, it can’t be beneficial to our overall health. However, when our focus is on becoming, the best, we can be, and happy/ less stressed, etc, we enhance our potential for reducing anxiety, which is calming, and a positive approach!

Whether you will use life’s stresses, to become better, stronger, and more productive, or the opposite, is generally, up to how you perceive these, and proceed! Will you become your personal best friend, or your own enemy?