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How to Increase Stamina Naturally – The Professional Athlete’s Secret

Pick the sport: basketball, wrestling, swimming or cross country the one thing that you’ll find in common about all of these athletes is that they need to know how to increase stamina naturally. This is something that regardless of your sport you have in common with other athletes. Increasing stamina isn’t always an easy task but it can be accomplished with the right know how. The one thing that you will find in common about all great athletes whether that be Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong is that they know how to increase stamina naturally.

Now as for the rest of us, how do we increase stamina naturally? Well actually the answer may be more simplistic and extend further than you might think. Let’s actually take things a little further, said that you want to increase endurance and lose weight while increasing your stamina. Well here is a simple solution to help you do at all of those things at once. Interval training might be just what you need to not only increase stamina, burn fat and increase endurance but to do all these things in less time than most workouts would otherwise take you.

The concept of interval training is all about keeping your body off balance. Think about it, if you’ve ever gotten accustomed to workout routine and noticed that your body hits a plaque. Where you don’t see the gains that you got in the beginning and you have to find some way to push through this plaque tell to get back to gaining ground. This is where interval training comes in most handy. Interval training does a great job of keeping your body guessing as to what’s coming next and while doing so you burn fat and increase stamina naturally.

With interval training instead of running for an extended duration of time, you’ll begin your workout by walking or jogging at a slow pace, then you’ll kick up the exercise by entering a sprint for the next 20 to 30 seconds. Then just as your heart rate peaks you slow back down to that initial walk or jog. After your heart rate settles again it’s back to running for another interval of time. This continuous fluctuation of running and walking keeps your body slightly off balance and burns a lot of calories with much less time than traditional workouts. Your entire interval work out maybe 20 minutes but you will have burned the same number of calories that you would have if you had ran continuously for 45 to 60 minutes. This becomes your secret to how to increase your stamina naturally.