Jordan Trick

Entertainment Entrepreneurs – Lil’ Wayne, Michael Jordan, and Kanye West

We all think of entrepreneurs as business people. But why don’t we think outside the box for a second and redefine an entrepreneur. For example, Lil’ Wayne is an entertainer. He has brought the world what seems to be an infinite amount of music. He has defined himself as the “best rapper alive.” In essence, he has given himself a label which is a very important component in entrepreneurship. He is not your everyday musician either. He raps, he sings, he rocks, and he uses autotune. Many musicians are fads, they come and go. What Lil Wayne does is give his fans a different piece of music everyday. He rocks one day and raps the next. He gets into nearly every remix and when asked to take part in a song he usually does. And many people believe that his appearance in their song makes the song better, which seems to be true. Now that sounds very entrepreneurial.

What about Kanye West? This man brought a new look to music. All the rappers seemed to look the same before Kanye West. Kanye dresses elegantly with style. He wears polo shirts, nice shoes, sports coats, and pants that fit him. He defined a new style of shades to wear that has become immensely popular. He also has given his listeners a new brand of music. 808’s and Heartbreak is incredible with all its new flavor and interesting sounds.

Michael Jordan…is an entrepreneur. Michael Jordan is one of the most talented basketball players to ever live. He won 6 NBA Championships and was MVP 5 times. He has a shoe brand named after him. He still appears in commercials, 6 years after playing in the NBA. Michael Jordan is an icon. People look up to him and want to be like him. He has marketed himself as more than a basketball player. Michael Jordan has also created a trademark for himself, which has greater defined himself. Michael Jordan has always stuck his tongue out while playing basketball. If you did not remember him for his skills, you should remember him for his tongue.

Take these three people and think about them for a second. Maybe they are more of an entrepreneur then you thought. Maybe you can create another way to find your inner entrepreneur. These stars were famous for more then their everyday jobs. They have branded themselves. They were all unique which is the beauty of entrepreneurship. Uniqueness is probably the most important part of an entrepreneurs life, especially during this economic period. Be a leader and be yourself. Michael Jordan didn’t put his tongue back in his mouth when someone laughed at him for it. Lil’ Wayne did not stop doing rock music after he was criticized, but instead made a whole album with rock music. Kanye West did not start wearing baggy pants and big shirts when people disagreed with his style. These entrepreneurs pursued their difference and pretty quickly, the world around them began to love them.